School on the Haflingerhof

Agriculture is the future

Not many children have the possibility to grow up on a farm and therefore to establish a relationship to animals and plants. It is very important to know, where our food grows and how much work is needed to produce the groceries we consume on a daily basis.

With our „School on the farm“project, we familiarize you with farming and agriculture.

Fabian has successfully completed a training course for „school on the farm“,  our family farm is, therefore, a certificated didactic farm since 2014.

We offer an interesting, exciting and educational programme for schools, private groups and tourists (3-4 hours, according to prior agreement). Depending on the season, you get some insight in different agricultural activities and also the possibility to taste several products.

The Haflingerhof is with his variety, from milk cows andviticulture to fruit-growing, cultivation of land and vegetable-growing, a self-providing farm.

Our programme is as multi-faceted as is agriculture – depending on vegetation we offer different topics:

From hay to milk, potatoes and how to grow them, from grain to bread, history and tradition of agriculture, processing fruit, soil organisms and their importance in the forest and grassland.


Of course, we adapt our programme to the contents of our schooling, we want you to experience farming, not just learn about it.

Contact us:
Family Plattner
Pittertschol 2
39050 Jenesien

Tel. +39 0471354311 / +39 3481720416

Schools we work together

JD Meran
GS St. Pauls
GS pesalotzi
GS Auer

Feedback from our students

"Dear Fabian, the milking game with Linda and Filomena was cool. The animals were stunning and sweet, and even Berta enjoyed her meal. Thank you for the potatoe. Thank you also, for spending time with us."
Florian, 7 Jahre
"Dear Fabian! Thank you forthe wonderful day and for allowing us to help you. The mint, Melissa and calendula tea was delicious, as was the bread. "
Maximilian, 8 Jahre